EPIMAX® sees an award-winning start to 2022

EPIMAX® sees an award-winning start to 2022

Aspire is delighted to announce the award-winning start to 2022 for its emollient range: EPIMAX®.

EPIMAX® Oatmeal Cream was selected as a highly commended product in the Best Beauty on a Budget category at the ASOS Beauty Awards 2022.

Beauty Magazine commented:

“This moisturiser provides light hydration and protection for sensitive skin without breaking the bank. Colloidal oatmeal helps to soothe dry skin, eczema and psoriasis symptoms triggered by allergens in the environment and moisturises skin to protect against irritants. It can be used as a moisturiser by smoothing into the skin in the direction of hair growth, or as a body wash in the shower to leave the skin feeling soft and comfortable.”

The awards don’t stop there, EPIMAX® was excited to be awarded highly commended for its EPIMAX® Oatmeal Cream at the MVP (Most Valuable Product) Awards.

Aspire welcome its new Chief Executive Officer: 5th April 2022

It’s with great pleasure that Aspire officially welcome our new CEO, Richard Condon, to the company. Richard joins us from Bayer UK and as we embark on the next chapter, his leadership, knowledge, and experience, is a welcome addition to the team at a time we say a big thank you to the driving force behind Aspire Pharma, its founder, Graham Fraser-Pye. Graham’s vision for the company and the subsequent dedication and hard work to make it happen, saw us arrive at this point, and as he transitions into the new role of Chairman of the Aspire board, the company is positioned to build on these foundations and accelerate again. Richard commented;

“It is an honour and a privilege to be asked to lead such a rapidly growing and important business with an agenda for growth, and a talented and focussed team to deliver it. I am excited about my new role as CEO, and strongly believe in our mission – be agile to opportunity, unconstrained by market segment, with products that make a valuable difference to patients and payors.  I am thrilled to be part of writing the next chapter in our organisations story, and look forward to being part of, and learning from, such an amazing team. Exciting times!”